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LDAP config changes are not getting applied on Standby server


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CA Workload Automation DE


We need to update our ldap configuration in DE and was able to apply it on Primary server. But it's not getting applied in Standby server. I have restarted standby server couple of time. We're seeing this in all our environments (DEV, UAT and PROD). I'm attaching screenshot for your reference. 


Release : 12.2



  1. Stop Standby DE services with stopServer script
  2. Stop Primary DE services with stopServer script

    At this point, neither Primary or Standby should be up...

  3. Start Primary DE services with startServer script
  4. Start Standby DE services with startServer script

You should now see that the LDAP server definition matches on both Primary and Standby server.

If this does not resolve, then:

Due to connection reset from Domain Controller in AWS environment.

  • Have your Network team perform sniffer test as issue is likely network related.


Finally, if none of the above work, as a very last resort:

  • Shutdown DE Primary and Standby services.
  • Backup DB and DE
  • Perform manual update of DB to set the new LDAP for whichever is not updating (IN_USE_1 or IN_USE_2)
    update ESP_CONFIG_PROPERTY set IN_USE_1 = '<your_ldap_url>' where name = 'ldap.url'
  • Restart DE services starting with Primary server, then Standby.