Modern UX Grid - Cannot create new rows if a required attachment attribute is present


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There are Grid layouts in the Modern UX where attachment attributes can be displayed. However, if these attributes are marked as "value required" we see that new instances cannot be created in the Grid.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue are as below:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Objects. Filter for "Project" object. Navigate into the Project object's "Attributes" tab
  2. Click on New and provide the following details:
    1. Attribute Name and ID of your choosing
    2. Data Type = "Attachment"
    3. Value Required = YES
    4. API Attribute ID of your choosing
  3. Navigate to the Modern UX -> Projects Grid
  4. From the available columns, choose the attribute created in Step 2 and display it in the Grid
  5. Click on the + mark to add a new row to the grid
  6. Fill data against all the attributes marked as "Value Required" in the Grid
  7. Upload an attachment into the attribute created in Step 2

Expected Result: Attachments get uploaded and that a new row is created in the Grid

Actual Result: When an attachment is uploaded the following error message is thrown.

API-1019 : Could not process the request due to internal error.

Following error gets logged in the app-ca.log:

ERROR 2021-08-25 07:20:18,094 [http-nio-8080-exec-38] (clarity:admin:17920042__DCF65C64-EBD-8DB8-6765D0ACC125:PPM_REST_API) Exception processing request for resource [attachments], query string [/virtual/attachments]
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "undefined"
 at java.base/java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
 at java.base/java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
 at java.base/java.lang.Integer.<init>(


This is caused due to a defect with ID DE62315.


Version: 15.9.3


The defect is not going to be fixed. This behaviour has been documented as a Known Issue as of version 15.9.3.