After upgrade to VNA 21.2, the Spectrum integration breaks with domain unavailable


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


After VNA upgrade to 21.2 the VNA Domain Configuration are listed with a status of Domain Unavailable.  VNA test configuration from Spectrum is successful.


Additional steps were missing from the guide, VNA documentation team informed and the steps should have been updated.


Dx NetOps 21.2 Virtual Network Assurance 


To resolve, perform the following steps

  • Open the VNA REST query to:http://VNA_HODSTNAME"8080/vna/rest/v1/aggregate/vna
  • Export the output to text file (copy).  As you can see the following was notes:
  • Username was null / Password was not set but displayed **************
  • Aggregation status was initializing
  • After you copy the output, edit the lines for username and password.
  • Copy the text back into the REST client and perform a put.
  • Again perform a get the same URL and now it should show the following: 
    Username admin
    Password  **************
    Aggregation status Connected