Increase of number of DSTPGMCALLs since upgrade to system agent (IBM i)


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CA Workload Automation AE - System Agent (AutoSys)


Since our upgrade from 11.3, Service Pack 7, Maintenance Level 0, Build 979 to a newer version 11.5, Service Pack 00, Maintenance Level 0, Build 2347 we are experiencing a significant increase of the number of DSTPCALL (iSeries processor status check for Agent calls) from the agent.

Increase in Too many Function Calls in iSeries processing for Autosys user in AS400



Release : 11.5

OS: AS400


- set "os400.job.monitor.interval" parameter to control the status checks on jobs running on the iSeries processor in agentparm.txt file

- 10 millisecond is default. Increase it to 10000 as 10 seconds sleep time.

- Make sure to restart agent.