How to configure temporary directory used by some intellisig scripts ?


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Some intellisig scripts (used in Software signature scan) are using using temporary directory to write some log files.
By default this directory is %windir%\temp (eg: c:\windows\temp).
But some Antivirus configuration could prevent usage of %windir%\temp by script like vbs or powershell scripts and report alerts.
How to configure the temporary directory used by intellisig scripts ?


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In vbs scripts of following intellisig :
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Adobe Products
The comstore parameter itrm/agent/am/IntellisigTempDirectory could be set to define a temporary directory
Example :
To define c:\temp\intellisig as temporary directory execute following command on Agent machines :
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/am -pn IntellisigTempDirectory -v "c:\temp\intellisig"
To check the current value following command could be used
ccnfcmda -cmd GetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/am -pn IntellisigTempDirectory
If this parameter is not set or set to blank, the default parameter %windir%\temp is used
This parameter could be added in a configuration policy and centrally managed :
1- Copy the attached file IntellisigTempDirectory.xml on Domain Manager and execute this command :
ccnfregdb -m localhost -f IntellisigTempDirectory.xml -e
2- In configuration Policy applied to the Agents, this parameter could be configured under :
DSM/Agent/Asset Management/IntellisigTempDirectory
If this parameter is set to blank string, default value (%windir%\temp) is used.


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