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RelseHAlt parameter value change


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CA Automic One Automation


When exporting the object into a 3rd party tool for change control purposes and to see the differences between the XML.  This difference was observed on the export of workflow for the parameter RelseHAlt.

V12.0 - RelseHAlt = 1 
V12.3 - RelseHalt = 0


Configuration Change


Release : 12.x

Component: Automation Engine


RelseHalt Parameter is changed to 0 in version 12.3 from 1 (in Version 11.0),  since this parameter is no longer used.


Additional Information

In AWA Version 8.00A, and likely v9, there was a "Result" tab on workflow task properties:


And that was removed in later versions and replaced with conditions, it was in v9:

relsewhen is an old item that's no longer used in v12.3

(r is for result)