Server with multiple smgr - Cannot access smgr through dialog


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When trying to go a server/Computer name on a server with an older service manager and a newer one via the service manager dialog, the smgrdia shows the old servicemanager agent and processes.  When putting in the computer name for the same server and pressing tab, nothing appears to happen.  Sometimes a message like this one:

Secure connection to '[servername]' not possible.
Do you want to try unsecure connection?

pops up.  Clicking "Yes" appears to do nothing.

CAPKI is installed for all components.


There are multiple service managers on the same system, but the same port is defined in the ini file


Release : 12.0



Since there are two service managers set up on the same server:

Check the service manager ini file for the first and note the port= setting
Check the service manager ini file for the second and note the port= setting

If they are the same:

Update the port in one of these ini files to a different port and restart that service.  Then open the service manager dialog and for the computer name, add:


after and hit tab.  The new service manager info should be seen now.