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SDM App Server Upgrade Fails


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CA Service Desk Manager


Customer is trying to upgrade app server in AA environment.

stdout.txt log shows:

 Line 4282: 06/30 13:57:39.891 DEBUG   373 Couldn't connect to the server - Please check the network and that server daemons are running.   (Socket error 10061)
 Line 4296: 06/30 13:57:39.924 DEBUG      353 ProgressPage - Task Error.
 Line 4297: 06/30 13:57:39.924 DEBUG      354 Task Error. TaskID: task.sdm.postinstall.steps.17.3,Ejecución de los pasos posteriores a la instalación para las actualizaciones de CA Service Desk Manager: 17.3

 Line 4297: 06/30 13:57:39.924 DEBUG      354 Task Error. TaskID: task.sdm.postinstall.steps.17.3,Perform Post-Installation Steps for CA Service Desk Manager Updates: 17.3

Windows socket error 10061 is a Connection refused error sent to you by the target machine

Checking pdm_status shows not all daemons are running. 




From hyd-368_cum_C_Binary_debug log:

ApplyOK(): Copying 'pdm_d_mgr.exe' to 'D:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager\bin\pdm_d_mgr.exe'.
ApplyOK(): Target file D:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Service Desk Manager\bin\pdm_d_mgr.exe is being used by another process!

This is saying the installer was unable to modify pdm_d_mgr.exe 

ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION is a Windows Error saying pdm_d_mgr.exe is already in use



Release : 17.1 Upgrading to 17.3


App Server


Revert APP server to pre-upgrade snapshot on 17.1.

Take a backup of the mdb database. 

Modify the following rows in al_cdb_componentinstallstate as follows:

- Remove all rows mentioning 17.3 in the packageID
- Modify any rows with currentversion column equal 17.3 to 17.1 then set the previousversion column to NULL

On the APP Server:

Turn off any anti virus or security products that may prevent access to files during the upgrade.

Ensure all CA services are stopped by running pdm_status

Check Task Manager for any running CA services.

Finally, try deleting pdm_d_manager.exe and see if the system allows it or if it says something is using it.

Try the upgrade again