Multiple keyrings for CICS under Top Secret


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CA Top Secret


Multiple CICS region's use the same started task acid.

Is it possible to have multiple keyrings for each CICS region?



Release : 16.0

Component :


There can be many unique keyrings as you like on any acid to be used by applications CICS Websphere, FTP, CA SMPE Internet Retrieval, etc….

Specify the unique keyring name in each applications configuration file so the application know which keyring to use on the acid. 


1. Create they keyring.

TSS ADD(acid) KEYRING(xxxxxxx) LABLRING(xxxxxxx)

2. Add the certificate to the security file

TSS ADD(owner) DIGICERT(digicert) DCDSN(datasetname) PKCSPASS(password)

PKCSPASS keyword is required if the dataset password protected.

3. Add certificates to the keyring.

TSS ADD(acid) KEYRING(xxxxxxxxxx) RINGDATA(owner,digicert) USAGE(PERSONAL or CERTAUTH)

Repeat steps 1 through 3 again for each keyring.