How is the "VPN SITE IS DOWN" alarm asserted in Spectrum?


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How is the "VPN SITE IS DOWN" alarm asserted in Spectrum?


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Alarms/Events


The VPN Site registers for the change of the attribute CsPortMdl::INTERNAL_PORT_LINK_STATUS (0x00010f1b) of the interface models having the relation VpnRelation::UsesIfDirect(0x4940007) or  VpnRelation::UsesIf(0x4940005 ) with the Site.

Site condition status Good(0) or Down(3) is determined based on the port link status of its interfaces. If the port link status is LINK_STATUS_GOOD (0), then site condition is Good, else it is Down. Incase if no associated interfaces, then site condition is Initial (6). Site condition attribute is 0x001000a.

If the Site condition is down and Site alarms enabled on VPN Manager (attribute is EnableSiteAlarms/0x494008e) then the “VPN SITE IS DOWN” (Event Id 0x04940503) alarm will be generated. Check if 0x494008e is set to Yes in the customer environment and set it to No incase if alarms not to be generated.

In case if site condition is Initial or Good, corresponding events will be generated and existing site down alarms will be cleared.