Monthly or weekly CICS region transaction count


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I am looking for CICS transactions weekly or monthly total count - Regions wise. Is this possible from Sysview options anywhere. I have tried to explore all views and manuals but no luck. 



Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


This capability does not currently exist in CA SYSVIEW as of release 16.0; however, if the CICSLOGR is only set on the weekly/monthly or other boundary needed for the timeframe to be report on, then this could potentially be deteremined.  The value is displayed by issuing command:  CDSIP

Be advised that each time the CICSLOGR has been cycled, that value is reset to zero. 

A work around is to set up a daily batch job that records this value somewhere.  Then the daily would be calculated by subtracting the previous day's value from today's value.  At the end of the month or week, then a calculation could be done to add the applicable daily values.  

Additional Information

As of August 2021, an enhancement request has been submitted in the CA Community.  If there is interest in this capability, please vote on the IDEA.