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How to migrate off of Vtape


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


In the past we migrated to a VTS, and now we are creating CA-Vtapes in a VTS.  This seems redundant.  What is the best way to migrate off of CA-Vtape and go directly to the VTS?  




Release : 12.6

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To move the data to the VTS only, and off of Vtape, you'll want to use a copy utility, such as CA1 COPYCAT, to copy the virtual volumes to the new VTS volumes.  You'll want to be sure that any cataloged data sets are re-cataloged on the new VTS volumes (and for uncatalogued data sets, you'll want to make note of the new VTS volsers being used and update any batch jobs using these data sets accordingly).   Also, as part of this process, you'll want to prevent any new/future tape allocations from going to Vtape.  To do this you'll want to modify/update the Vtape filters such that new Vtape allocations don't take place - all future allocations go directly to the new VTS.