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Numeric Overflow Error seen when attempting to mask data in TDM Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After upgrading to TDM Portal 4.9.345.0, we started seeing "Numeric Overflow" errors when attempting to run a certain masking job.

{\"rowsNotMaskedInCurrentRun\":\"0\",\"rowsMaskedInCurrentRun\":\"0\",\"rowsNotMaskedInPreviousRuns\":\"0\",\"rowsMaskedInPreviousRuns\":\"0\"},\"SOT22.SOT22.CLM_CLAIM\": ... Line 15612: 2021-08-23 19:30:09.347 UTC [INFO ] [SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-7] --- [U:][M:][P:] c.c.t.f.s.CallFastDataMasker: runFDM: job: 1440: fdm#: 0 state: FAILED schema:<hostname>.SOT22 errors: (1) <hostname>.SOT22: Numeric Overflow Line 15630: 2021-08-23 19:30:09.347 UTC [ERROR]



This appears to be due to trying to insert data that is larger than what the column allows. In Oracle, if you store numeric data and this data is out of range from the column data type, then you got this type of Exception.

Upon further investigation, we found that the Range Start and End range is larger than 2 billion, and hitting a limitation. 


1                              50043076             3843395085         20000000

2                              3843395086         4345169591         20000000

3                              4345169592         4376253808         20000000

4                              4376253809         4408798640         20000000

5                              4408798641         4444474578         20000000

6                              4444474579         4453868590         5225

This is corrected in FastDataMasker-


Release : 4.9.1

Component : TDM Web Portal



You should work with your DBA to review the SQL statement and determine what is causing the numeric overflow.


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