Portal 5.0.2 Content Management Custom Pages Not Loading Correctly


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CA API Developer Portal


When using the Content Management feature within Portal 5.0.2 we are seeing that the custom pages are not loading correctly which makes the portal home page messy and not usable.


This issue was the result of the dispatcher container switching to buffering instead of caching due to some additional headers which were present in the backend payload. 


Portal 5.0.2


The following work around can be implemented to address this situation:

-Log into the portal server

-execute the following commands:

'docker ps | grep dispatcher'   then obtain the dispatcher container id and use it in the next command

docker exec -it -uroot <dispatcher container id> sh

vi /etc/nginx/server_base.conf and locate "location /pages/" within this file

Find the following line:

proxy_ignore_headers Set-Cookies;

Add the following entries on a new line underneath the above mentioned line.

proxy_ignore_headers Expires;
proxy_ignore_headers Cache-Control;

Save the changes made to the file.

Execute the following command:

nginx -s reload

Verify the changes have taken effect by refreshing the home page and things should now load properly.

IMPORTANT: The above changes have to be applied after every portal restart.

Additional Information

There will be a permanent fix to address this situation within the Portal 5.0.3 and 5.1 releases.