Few UIM alarms are not closed when Service Desk ticket is closed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have issue that some UIM alarms are not closed when CA SD incident is closed (for some incidents this is working). We have already followed this article but that didn't help.

Why are UIM alarms not closed when incidents created in ServiceNow by the sdgtw probe are closed/resolved in ServiceNow? (broadcom.com)


incidentid_field in sdgtw probe was not set to a custom column of Alarm


UIM Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SDGTW

sdgtw release: 2.24

Service Desk: 17.3


With sdgtw probe debugging enabled (loglevel set to 5, logsize 20000) and issue captured, the sdgtw.log contained the following information:

Aug 10 08:31:23:989 [CASDM, sdgtw] Retrieving the incidents using the filter - filter=%28creationUserID%3Dcauimpsvc%29%26%26status%3Dclosed+%26%26+%28updatedTimeStamp%3E%3D2021-03-10T08%3A30%3A53.774%2B01%3A00%29&display=id,status&$lastIndex=200&startIndex=0
Aug 10 08:31:23:989 [CASDM, sdgtw] In NIMClient method :url is http://localhost:<masked>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/Incident?filter=%28creationUserID%3Dcauimpsvc%29%26%26status%3Dclosed+%26%26+%28updatedTimeStamp%3E%3D2021-03-10T08%3A30%3A53.774%2B01%3A00%29&display=id,status&$lastIndex=200&startIndex=0
Aug 10 08:31:23:989 [CASDM, sdgtw] MDR ID is CASDM
Aug 10 08:31:23:989 [CASDM, sdgtw] ::: going to call parseResponse ::: URL ::MDR http://localhost:<masked>/ca-nim-sm/api/v2/Incident?filter=%28creationUserID%3Dcauimpsvc%29%26%26status%3Dclosed+%26%26+%28updatedTimeStamp%3E%3D2021-03-10T08%3A30%3A53.774%2B01%3A00%29&display=id,status&$lastIndex=200&startIndex=0 :: CASDM
Aug 10 08:31:24:075 [CASDM, sdgtw] responseCode :: [200] response message :: [OK]
Aug 10 08:31:24:076 [CASDM, sdgtw] Incident found for closing [[email protected]]
Aug 10 08:31:24:076 [CASDM, sdgtw] Completed executing the filter. Number of records returned - 1
Aug 10 08:31:24:076 [CASDM, sdgtw] Ignoring the incidentId 'cr:408236' as it is not associated with any Alarm. 


It was found out for sdgtw probe under setup > incidentid_field was not set to a custom column of Alarm (launch raw configure for sdgtw probe from Admin Console > under setup > incidentid_field). This is the reason few Alarms were not getting closed when its corresponding incident was closed in ServiceDesk. We updated the incidentid_field to a custom column of Alarm, in this case, we set it to custom_1 to resolve the issue.




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