Post Method not supported for setting up new password after loading


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CA API Developer Portal


API Portal provides a set of templates for each of the core API Portal pages that you want to customize.

The templates are available in file that you have to download from Content Management, Upload Page Bundles section.

After loading the pages included in following the documentation steps in Customize Core Pages, a user cannot reset the password from API Portal.

The request fails stating that POST is not supported.


An issue in the Reset Password sample page prevents the Reset Password function


Release : 5.0

Component : API PORTAL


Follow these steps:

  1. Download the attached and extract the zip file. 
  2. Replace your local Reset Password page with the file from the zip extract. 
  3. Customize any other pages that are required using the steps identified under Start Customizing section and upload to API Portal. 

Additional Information

Though we are providing this fix for the Sample Templates, please note that as part of API Portal 5.0, we have announced the deprecation of Custom Pages and Custom Pages resources in the Portal APIs(PAPI).

For more information, see release notes for API Portal 5.0.

Customers that would like to include custom pages are advised to transition to API Hub, available in Portal 5.0. 

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