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Cannot delete Organization API Portal


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CA API Developer Portal


I am trying to delete Organizations on the API Developer Portal.
We are aware  that this has to be done via the Portal API and that there are no longer any APIs attached to the Organization.

It worked for most Organizations, but unfortunately not for another Organization.
I got back a 500-internal server error.

Organization details:

Request URL
https: //apim-ssg.portal.domain: 9443 / portal / tenant-admin / 1.0 / organizations / xxxxxx-yyy-zzzzz-qqqq-iiiiiiiiiiiii
Response Code
200 OK
Response Header
content-length: 169
content-type: application / json; charset = utf-8
Response Body

The error message at the delete:
Request URL
https: //apim-ssg.api.portal.domain: 9443 / portal / Organizations ('xxxxxx-yyy-zzzzz-qqqq-iiiiiiiiiiiii')
Response Code
500 Internal Server Error
Response Header
content-length: 110
content-type: application / json; charset = utf-8
Response Body
Internal Server Error

How to delete this Organization? What's going wrong?


Release : 4.5

Component : API PORTAL


The root cause for this ,  there is a  foreign key constraint which is preventing the deletion of the organization when the org_uuid in the API table is not null.

This is a left over from a previous portal version  before portal 4.4.

This will be fixed in a the next portal version by a database schema update.

Additional Information

If you need to delete this organization in the current release , please contact support by raising a support case.