The request URL contains wsdl and post data, ignoring the wsdl request


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CA Identity Suite


Utilizing IP / IM integration, we see the following repeated warnings:

WARN  [ims.tews6] (default task-62) The request URL contains ?wsdl and post data, ignoring the ?wsdl request#012

At the same time, IM log is showing the following warning:

WARNING [com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.WebComponent] (default task-62) A servlet request, to the URI http://caim-srv-02:8080/iam/im/ws/identityEnv/portal/user/login/form, contains form parameters in the request body but the request body has been consumed by the servlet or a servlet filter accessing the request parameters. Only resource methods using @FormParam will work as expected. Resource methods consuming the request body by other means will not work as expected.#012

What is the impact of these repeated warnings?


Release : 14.2 / 14.3

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


These warnings can be observed in Identity Suite 14.2 / 14.3 but no longer appears in 14.4

They can be safely ignored as have no actual impact on the application