Remaining Availability slow in Per Period Metrics
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Remaining Availability slow in Per Period Metrics


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Performance Issue. Adding the 'Remaining Availability' field in the Per-Period Metrics configuration causes the performance to degrade.  This happens in both the Staffing Workspace and in the STAFF Module inside an investment. 

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Connect to a very large dataset (Modern UX) with over 450k records in Staffing page
  2. Go to Staffing page
  3. Note it takes over 30-40 sec to get all records to return
  4. Make sure there is no grouping and filter
  5. Filter to return 1 year worth of data
  6. Now add a Per Period Metrics - 12 months - Grand Totals - Allocation
  7. Note the timing is 27 sec
  8. Now remove Allocation and add Remaining Availability instead
  9. Note the timing

Expected Results: The page to respond and return results within reasonable time, comparable to Allocation. 

Actual Results: Remaining Availability in Per Period Metrics takes at least 1min 20 sec which is 3 times more than Allocation. 


Release : 15.9.3 


This is DE62279, fixed in 16.0.0