CA VIew - How to define a new user and provide BASIC report viewing security


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How do I define a NEW user to CA View and provide them with basic report viewing security so that they can only see their own reports? We are currently configured with SECURITY=INIT and CA Deliver is not involved with the processing/archiving of reports at our shop.



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Define BASIC report viewing security...

- Customer configured with SECURITY=INIT
- No CA Deliver involvement with reports

Because you are configured with SECURITY=INIT. And because there is no CA Deliver involved, there would be no Deliver defined "Distribution ID's" attached to any of the reports collected by SARSTC. If your intention is to restrict what reports a new user is going to see in CA View, your options are limited with your current configuration, so you would need to...

- You add a new user to CA View via the DEF USER command from the Primary Selection panel.

- On the DEF USER screen, you would provide the user access to the reports by specifying the appropriate MODE field (in the AEESSJ column) of the DEF USER screen. In your case, the only way you would be able to add a level of viewing security would be to define the new users with an access MODE of "SAR" only. This is done by specifying a 'Y' in the 'fifth position' of the mode field on the DEF USERS screen. All other modes would require a value of 'N'. 


 CA View SAR -------------- Userid Definition Panel ---------------------------
 Command ===> ADD ANEWUSER                                                  Scroll ===> RIGHT
                      --- Last Access ---      AEESSJ                       Distid    Distid                          
Sel Userid   Password Date       Time     M L   O O   Mode Banner           Mask
    ANEWUSER                              N    NNNNYN SAR  DEFAULT          ANEWUSER ANEWUSER

* NOTE: By default, the DISTID Mask and DISTID field will be populated with the new users userid as shown above when you scroll right.

- You would then need to define a CA VIEW "DISTID" to the new user via the DEF DIST command from the Primary Selection panel.


CA View SAR ------- Distribution Definition Selection List -------------------
 Command ===> S ANEWUSER                                       Scroll ===> PAGE

- Then tab down and select the DISTID and define which reports (SYSOUT ID's) that this user will be able to see in CA View via MODE=SAR


CA View SAR ------- Distribution Definition Specifications - Row 00001 of 00010
 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> PAGE
   ID     ---> ANEWUSER                                                         
   Desc   ===>                                                                  
 Sysout Specifications:                                                         
Sel Sysout ID                         Rview Reprt Del                           
    RPT*                               N     Y    Y                             
    JOB*                               N     Y    Y                             
    REPORTA                            N     Y    Y                             

- Outside of the above method, considering your current SARINIT parameter settings, your only other option for securing what reports a user can see in CA View would be via "USER MODIFICATIONS" to the SARSECUX security exit.