PAM-CM-1764: Invalid schema/SID specified


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


I have a Server running Oracle DB that has 2 schemas and getting the following error: PAM-CM-1764: Invalid schema/SID specified. We currently have this setup on other Oracle DB servers and know it works but reviewed the logs and could not figure out the issue. I have confirmed port is open and we have correct permission.


The target application was configured with the port of the second database instance/schema, 1525, not the standard Oracle DB server port 1521.


Release : 3.4

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Changing the DB port configuration in the Oracle target application to the standard 1521 port resolved the problem. This is not controlled by PAM, but by the Oracle database driver (Java) that PAM uses. Which schema the account is updated for is not controlled by the connect port, but by the schema configured in the target account, which is passed into the driver as argument.