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Containerized VSE not using the specified port range on docker run command line


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Service Virtualization


We have one VSE dockerized connecting to an on-prem Registry.  The VSE is running on it's own machine.

The VSE container is created with this command:

docker run -t -d --name VSEopenbanking --network="host" -p 9000-9100:9000-9100  -p 20112:20112 -p 1533:1533 -e LISA_MORE_VM_PROPS="-Diam.server.url=" VSE -m "tcp://" -n tcp://


We create a virtual service from RRpairs on the Portal.

The virtual service is created with a port number outside the 9000-9100 port range





Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Virtual Service Environment


Add this on your docker command line -R 9000-9100

From our documentation:

By default, the VSE recording port numbers in the range 20000-20049 are exposed. You can change the range using the -R option.

After running the docker command you can create virtual service from the Portal for RRpairs and the port falls between the 9000 and 9100 range.