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Custom LAH returning Null Pointer exception


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CA Identity Manager


We have an Identity Manager r14.2 environment on Weblogic on Linux. We have custom BLTH and LAH and these work in the DEV environment. However, in TEST environment, from the logs we can figure out that the LAH throws a null pointer exception. We've checked all configurations but we can't figure out where this error is coming from.


Please let me know what logs I can provide which can help in resolving this issue.



Release : 14.2

Component :


The customer has a custom BLTH that is getting a null pointer.

   The customer had to add debug statements to the BLTH to print out what is missing. Once that is done, then the customer's application server logs showed what was missing.

   IM has no way to automatically debug custom BLTH code, that is something the customer has to do, as the writers of that code.