Fast Data Masker errors when attempting to select an XML root in a DB2 CLOB field


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)




Trying to perform in-place masking of CLOB data stored in DB2 database (LUW) using FDM. The sample CLOB data looks like below. 


<XMLAJBFipayRequest Version="1.0"> <IxCmd>485</IxCmd> <IxDebitCredit>GiftCard</IxDebitCredit> <IxStoreNumber>005</IxStoreNumber> <IxTerminalNumber>100</IxTerminalNumber> <IxTranType>ActivatePhysicalCard</IxTranType> <IxDate>02142017</IxDate> <IxTime>115346</IxTime> <IxAccount>25186149</IxAccount> <IxAmount>722</IxAmount> <IxInvoice>Y100185570</IxInvoice> </XMLAJBFipayRequest> 


In FDM, when i select XML/JSON data, FDM is failed to parse the XML data. When I verify XML content, I don’t see any errors.


FDM Error message attached.
Error parsing MESSAGE_DATA. Error message - Start of root element expected.


I saw a patch (4.9.37) solving this issue but still I am getting the error. I have tried with FDM 4.9.1 GA, 4.9.37, and 4.9.186 (latest patch)


We are at the last stage of PoC and need your guidance on how to mask DB2 CLOB field.  


DB2 Table details attached.




Release : 4.9.1

Component : Fast Data Masker


Provided latest FDM patch, 4.9.191, whihc resolved this issue.