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Patch RO93360 fails with exit status 1


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CA Workload Automation AE


 lsm -i ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000.i386.rpm
Update product "ca-cs-utils" from version "11.2.11350.0" to version "11.2.16336.0"
 ERROR: ca-cs-utils cannot be installed with prefix:/opt/CA/SharedComponents
 ca-cs-utils should be installed with prefix:/apps/autosys/SharedComponents
 Rerun the install with the following command:
 rpm -Uvh --prefix /apps/autosys/SharedComponents ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000.i386.rpm
error: %pre(ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
error:   install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000
SMX000007       Script or command "rpm -U "/apps/autosys/media/ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000.i386.rpm"" failed with exit code 1.
Reason:         The script or command encountered a problem.
Action:         Find further details in the installation log file

error: package ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000 is not installed

Terminating install. Reverting changes.

Job executed with error: 7



Release : 11.3.6



- Use "rpm -Uvh --prefix /apps/autosys/SharedComponents ca-cs-utils-11.2.16336-0000.i386.rpm" 

- To install package directly