Tomcat probe supporting Tomcat version 9.0.43 (and later)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Looking for Tomcat probe version to monitor Tomcat 9.0.43 (JWS 5.5) installed on Linux 7.9 VM. The Broadcom techdocs shows that the latest tomcat probe version 1.30 (March 2016) supports Tomcat 8.5.x (not Tomcat 9.x).


Release : UIM 20.3

Component : tomcat probe version 1.30


The confusion was created because of the Tomcat Probe techdocs - it says that the latest version 1.30 added support for Tomcat 8.5.x. And, it looks like, Tomcat 9.x.x is still not included as there is no HotFix or patches after that.

And according to the probe compatibility - tomcat probe 1.30 supports Linux RHEL 6.x (not 7.x yet).

But, Broadcom Engineering team has informed that - we should be able to form the CTD graph and collect the metrics for Tomcat Server 9.0.50 (latest release in Tomcat 9.0.x series) deployed on RHEL 7.6 with the 1.30 version of the Tomcat probe. The probe compatibility matrix will be updated.