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All the failed jobs (PROD to Lower Copy) are showing incorrect job status in TDM Portal (Submitted Requests) & gtrep_job_information table


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



All the PROD to LOWER copy failed jobs are showing up with incorrect job completion status in TDM Portal & gtrep_job_information. 


Our .Net workflow is able to track the correct failure status in logs & emails being sent out to job owners. And also the Publish logs show the failure of the individual generators, but the group publish job shows as Complete - but shouldn't it show as Failed?




Release : 4.9

Component : TDM Web Portal


Here is a sample snippet of what logs says.  
The log says it did not fail 
2021-08-19 07:35:32.703 EST [INFO ] [taskExecutor-845         ] --- [U:][M:][P:]                           c.c.t.p.l.TDMPublishLog:  Execute Call_Integrated_Copy_Batch completed - 1 processed

2021-08-19 07:35:32.908 EST [INFO ] [taskExecutor-845         ] --- [U:][M:][P:]                  c.c.t.p.t.TDMPublishStatusSender:  Successfully sent status update for job 101437342 to Job Engine Service, Status Code: 200 OK

This publish job uses publish action (host type) where your .net application resides
1- you return failure from your .net application  
2- the publish action should be configured to wait for completion AND select success required