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Javelin Export Data Table to excel and numbers


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After we use Javelin and write numeric columns to EXCEL workbook file, when we open the file we always see the numeric columns saying they are text. Is there anyway to have them saved as number when written to the workbook?





Release : 4.9

Component : Javelin


Talked to some of the TDM-Experts:

I believe this is "as designed". If you are exporting from a database and there are leading zeroes, if they were not formatted as text, values such as 0000123456 would become 123456 in Excel.    

I would expect the same behaviour from the Portal as well.

Writing them as text preserves the full Source value.  A better example would be US zipcodes as they can start with a leading zero which would be lost in the export to Excel.

So this is why they are written as text.

Please refer to this link:

Under Tips, look at the third bullet.