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Endpoint Management Workspaces - An Application Error has Occurred. Try again or contact system administrator.


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite Server Management Suite


After upgrading Altiris to 8.6 RU1 from 8.6 the Endpoint Management Workspaces role gets an application error.  This only happens to users that are members of the Endpoint Management Workspaces role only.


Missing read permissions on two items.


Release : 8.6 RU1



This is fixed in 8.6 RU2. 

Work-around: You can add the missing permissions using security role manager.  The following are the two missing permissions:

Name: Time Critical Management 
Description:  Time Critical Management 
Product: Workspaces 
Folder: \Notification Server\Settings\Workspaces\Workspaces 
Attributes Normal 
GUID: 1af8b76f-d783-4696-aeca-0de5ed2074b5 

Name: MDM 
Description:  Mobile Device Management 
Product: Workspaces 
Folder: \Notification Server\Settings\Workspaces\Workspaces 
Attributes Normal 
GUID: 3a79d2d6-a09b-411b-9303-739445d91fcf 

As an administrator, navigate to:  Settings > Security > Security Role Manager.  Click on Show Security Role Manager Console.

Once opened, change the Role to say Endpoint Management Workspaces Users

Change the View to Settings

Click the eye glasses icon to reveal hidden items.

Click the blue plus sign and navigate to:  Workspaces and once again the last Workspaces folder, clicking that folder. Make sure it's the last folder.

After clicking on the last Workspaces folder, choose the first MDM in the list and Time Critical Management.  Use the right facing arrow to add it to the list on right.  Click OK to continue.

Once added, click on Save changes.

You can now click on each item, MDM and Time Critical Management, to verify the GUID matches the GUID shown above.  You may have to expand the item attributes section in the right hand menu.

The GUID for MDM should be 3a79d2d6-a09b-411b-9303-739445d91fcf and the GUID for Time Critical Management should be 1af8b76f-d783-4696-aeca-0de5ed2074b5

After completing the steps above, you should be able to once again access Workspaces.