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Rally Jira Adapter: Syncing a link to a rally artifact to a Multi-line text field (or text field) in Jira


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When using the Rally adapter for Jira, many customers may want to configure a field in Jira that provides a way to navigate back to the linked Rally item.  A JIRA URL field can be used, but then the entire URL is exposed and it may look unappealing.  Some customers prefer to have a hyperlink format where they provide more user friendly link text with a hyper link to the item.  This can be done using a multi-line text or text field in Jira.  


In order to use a multi-line text (or any jira field that supports the wiki style renderer) in jira to show a formatted hyperlink, the field renderer must first be updated in jira to a "Wiki Style Renderer".  To do this, go to Jira System Administration > Issues > Field Configurations and find the field configuration(s) that contain the field to update. 

Once in the Field Configuration screen, scroll to the affected field and click Renderers

In the Renderer screen, select Wiki Style Renderer from the dropdown. 

Click Update

This will need to be done for all field configurations that contain the affected field. 

In the Rally Adapter configuration field mapping, the following configuration can be used to create a formatted hyperlink to Rally Feature (note the url would need to be different for a user story or other artifact type) where the custom field name in Jira is c_textMultiLine

Source Field Target Field Default Value Transform
Object ID c_textMultiLine [my Pretty Link Text|{Object ID}] transformMultiFieldConcat

  This configuration will lead to a visually appealing hyperlink while hiding the url string.