Change to a Boolean cell on the Tasks Timeline Layout is not saved


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When adjusting a boolean value through the Task Timeline view, it does not save. As an example: when the "Include in Status Reporting" was added to the Task Timeline view. The option can be checked in the Timeline, but it's not actually saving the change.

This appears to happen when trying to change any checkbox value from the Timeline view.


1. Log into the Modern UX (MUX) (MUI), open a Project.
2. Go to the "Tasks" section, and ensure the view is set to "Timeline"
3. Click the "Columns" side tab, and add the column "Include in Status Reporting".
4. Within the Timeline view, check the box for "Include in Status Reporting" for one of the Tasks in the list. It will look like it is selected.

Expected Results: 
The Task should now be included in the Statue Report.

Actual Results:
Checking the box from the Timeline view is not actually saving the attribute update.


Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This defect is slated for resolution in the upcoming 16.0 release. The original defect is was DE62264.

1. From the Timeline view, if you add the "Include in Status Reporting" to the "Details" of the Task, you can check the box there, and it will save.
2. From the Grid view you can update this value if you add it to the column list.