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DX IM - Integration of UIM to Splunk


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are working and planning for to integrate existing UIM environment with SPLUNK tool. 

Kindly help us with any used cases or possible ways we can achieve the integration of UIM with SPLUNK tool.



Release : UIM 20.3.x



For now there is no probe to integrate UIM with Splunk but I know that Broadcom Services already have a process to help on this custom request.

You have three options I believe as follows:

1 - Retrieve the QOS/alarms using the REST interface in UIM
2 - Retrieve the QOS/alarms directly from the database
3 - Write a custom probe to listen on the bus and send QOS/alarms to Splunk.

Option1 - you can pull metric data and alarm data out of UIM using the REST interface that comes with the product.

Option 3 - you can write a custom probe in java or perl which uses the UIM sdk to listen on the UIM message bus for the performance metric data and/or alarms and send the data directly to Splunk using its API