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Error: A file or folder could not be found [-11997] When attempted to reencrypt a File or Folder with PGPNetshare


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Drive Encryption


When attempted to reencrypt a file or a folder using "pgpnetshare.exe --reencrypt" or "pgpnetshare.exe --reencrypt-delta", the following error is displayed via the command line:

‘Error: A file or folder could not be found [-11997]’.


As Example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PGP Corporation\PGP Desktop\pgpnetshare.exe" --reencrypt-delta --recipient-owner [Admin KeyID Here] --recipient-operator [Group Admin KeyID Here] --recipient [Regular User KeyID here] "C:\Users\bobby\Documents\docs\temp\FancyEncryptionTestfolder\"


The reason is the original folder was not first encrypted.


Encrypt the folder first, and then the reencrypt command should work.


Additional Information

For more information on the commands, see the PGPnetshare.exe Guide