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ITPAM HTTP POST Returns: Connection reset


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I am receiving the following error when using the HTTP POST operator to get a token:

IO Error or connection aborted while executing request or processing HTTP response. class Connection reset


This error indicates that something, external to ITPAM, is returning a TCP RST packet to ITPAM. This can be verified with wireshark (filter: tcp.flags.reset==1). 


Release : 4.3

Component : Process Automation


To understand why this happens, the team managing the endpoint returning the TCP RST packet needs to be consulted to understand why they're returning the TCP RST result. 


Additional Information

A workaround that has been seen to work successfully is to use the appropriate powershell code to capture the data. If you are testing the API call in PostMan then you can use the code -> Powershell -> Copy feature to copy the appropriate code to the "Run Script" operator.