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Frequent VSE disconnection from Portal/Registry


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Service Virtualization


Facing VSE disconnections regularly every evening around 8-8:30 pm BST and found VSE's disconnected from the Portal/Registry which are running on separate machine.


It was found that the timing of VSE disconnection was matching with the timings of the scheduled scans on VSE machines.


Release : 10.6

Component :


It was noticed that the VSEs are disappearing when the hprof file is getting created on the VSEs.

The hprof files analysis shows that the SSL call to xx.xx.xx.xx is causing OutOfMemory exception on these VSEs. 


Heap dumped on OutOfMemoryError exception

Thread causing OutOfMemoryError exception: ActiveMQ Transport: ssl:///xx.xx.xx.xx:1234


Checking for the source of these calls reveled that this IP belongs to the security team scanning software that triggers the scan. To resolve the issue and avoid the impact on DevTest components, the scan schdule has been standardized so that DevTest components are not running during this time window.