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we're running ACI 4.2(7f).  is this supported by 21.2.1+?


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


we're about to upgrade from 20.2.10 to 21.2.1 and we only use the ACI plugin.  looking at the techdocs page for VNA, 3.7 is the highest version and it shows these versions of ACI supported.

we're running ACI 4.2(7f).  is this supported by 21.2.1+?

Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) supports the following releases of Cisco ACI:
Cisco ACI 4.2.4
Cisco ACI 4.0
Cisco ACI 3.2
Cisco ACI 2.0

Does CAPM/NETWORK OBSERVABILITY  21.2.1 support VNA with Cisco ACI 4.2(7f)?


Release : 21.2

Component :


This should work as it's a minor version increase.

We have officially certified 4.2.4 but we do not certify every minor version.

Ideally we suggest you validate the version in a lab environment.