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Cannot assign "Instance" or "OBS" security rights for Investment Sub-Objects


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After creating a sub-object for the "Investment" object, it's not possible to assign access rights for "OBS" or "Instance". The "Investment" object cannot be associated to an OBS, and it doesn't display in the "Instance" object list either.


1. Create a new Object. Ensure that it's a sub-object of "Investment"
2. Go to "Administration" and "Resource", open a Resource.
3. Click "Resource's Access Rights". Click "Instance". 
4. Click "Add". The list of "Objects" will display. Note that the sub-object created does not display. Also note "Investment" isn't present either.
5. Go to the OBSs, and note you cannot associate the sub-object to an OBS (nor can you associate "Investment"), so it's not possible to assign OBS level Access Rights either.

Expected Results: 
It's expected that you would be able to assign rights for this sub-object at the OBS and Instance level. It is possible to assign at the Global level. It is possible to assign Instance rights on a sub-object of "Project".

Actual Results:
Sub-objects of Investment are not presented as an option

Using "Global" rights to assign the rights


Release : 15.9.3, ANY



This is working as expected.

The Investment object is an "abstract" object, due to this design it cannot be directly associated to an OBS, or have Instance rights associate to it.

In contrast, the "Project" object is considered "concrete", which is why it has the additional rights options.


Workaround: Global rights should be used to restrict access.