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Siteminder as identity manager system


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SITEMINDER CA Identity Manager



Can Siteminder can be used for identity manangment ?




At first glance, Siteminder is limited to manage user passwords. In
order to manage the full User's Identities, we strongly recommend you
to use Identity Manager (1).

The same Identity Manager can also be integrated with Siteminder (2).


Additional Information



    Getting Started

      An overview of features and basic use of Symantec Identity Manager.

      Welcome to Identity Manager, an identity management system that you
      use to streamline the process of managing user accounts and giving
      users access to applications.

      Identity Manager may have been customized at your site before you
      use it. Therefore, the User Console you see may appear different
      from the console described in this Help system.


    Integrate CA Single Sign-on with CA Identity Manager

      When the policy administrator and the identity administrator work
      together to integrate CA SSO with an existing Identity Manager
      installation, the Identity Manager architecture expands to include
      the following components:

      CA SSO Web Agent

      Protects the Identity Manager Server. The Web Agent is installed on
      the system where the Identity Manager server is installed.

      CA SSO Policy Server

      Provides advanced authentication and authorization for Identity