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View - Upgrade to View 14.0.02 is causing Authorization issues for client printing function owner


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We are now experiencing the printing function owner SARPRINT as being not authorized to do SARBCH /LOAD or /PRINT functionality.

If the below JCL is executed, it works on one system, but fails on another:

02/06/2020 06:34:58                     CA View Output Archival and Viewing (14.0)        

SARBCH                                    Batch Processing Utility - Control Card Listing 

/DBASE NAME=VIEW.SYSTEM1                                                                

SARBCH05  Logon successful for SARPRINT to VIEW.SYSTEM1                                 

/LOAD GEN=00001 ID='ABCDEF' PASSWORD=  SEQ=00001         

SARBCL02  User not authorized to access sysout 

We don't see any RACF error messages and we turned the Init Parm FEATURE=1 on and I do see these messages in the log:

NC0000000 T000     20036 15:22:32.61 INTERNAL 00000284  SE '15.22.32 JOB59924 $HASP165 TXPELF   ENDED AT JES2PTS MAXCC=0000',

SC                                                      LOGON,USER=(SARPRINT)                                                

NR0000000 T000     20036 15:22:32.94 INTERNAL 00000080  IKJ144I   UNDEFINED USERID(S) SARPRINT

Please provide assistance in pinpointing the cause of the authority issue.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


View 14.0 fix LT01858 resolved the SARBCL02 condition as experienced by the client.

They approved the fix in their testing, and the fix was published to PTF LU01858. 

Here is a link to LU01858: