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ASM Plugin error while autocompleting monitor name


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Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


There is an integration between Broadcom products CDD SaaS and ASM via CDD Plugin version 1.2-2. In autocompletion of monitor name in CDD for ASM task i.e. (Start the name with '@') below error occurs and hence autocompletion can't be used.

failed -$RestClientConnectionFailureException: Calling URL: returned the following error: Internal Server Error:[500] '

failed - com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: RESTEASY003357: GZIP input exceeds max size: 10000000 (through reference chain: org.json.simple.JSONArray[223])'



During investigation it was found that issue is with ASM. The reason for the error is that autocompletion performs a search at ASM via API and the response contains too many items to fit in the memory and the server responds with the error 500.

Enhancement required with ASM: The CDD and ASM integration is via ASM API where the CDD plugin act as client making API call. The issue identified is that, currently API doesn't implement filtering (e.g. by folder) and/or pagination hence in case of numerous monitors the result can be massive causing above error.


Release : SAAS



Workaround: Until ASM API's are fixed/enhanced, the only mitigation is to type the monitor name and not to use autocompletion("@").

Additional Information

Note: The ASM product will have to enhance the API to incorporate filters or pagination to let clients to filter response and reduce the size.