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Data importer engine service not run


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CA IT Asset Manager Asset Portfolio Management


Data importer engine service not run.

When the data importer services are started they are immediately downloaded. And ITAMImportService.log shows

2021-07-20 04:39:21,880 UTC [ImportMgr] INFO  CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - .. Configuring Import Service
2021-07-20 04:39:22,740 UTC [ImportMgr] INFO  CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - ..Initializing Web Server [HTTP://ITAM-server:99/ITAMService/Service.asmx] access for Import Service
2021-07-20 04:39:22,896 UTC [ImportMgr] INFO  CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ImportServiceManager - ..Initializing Storage Manager Server [HTTP://ITAM-server:99/SMService/Service.asmx] access for Import Service
2021-07-20 04:39:22,974 UTC [ImportMgr] ERROR CA.Applications.DataImporterEngine.ProcessorCommon - Web Service threw exception CA.Common.Utilities.Exceptions.SoapAuthenticationException: This user contact is inactive.
   at WebService.Service.Login(String UserId, String Password)


Release : 17.1, 17.2, 17.3

Component : ITAM - Other


Make sure uapmadmin user status in mdb is active. That is, in ca_contact table, the inactive field for uapmadmin contact should be 0; if it is 1, either change it to active via some app like CA Service Desk or update its value to 1 in mdb directly.