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Columns width and wrapping splitting up words in Classic UI


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Column Width/Word Wrapping is not working correctly in 15.9.3, the alignment is off. You may notice this as fields being clipped. When the entire word does not fit, it starts the next line without regard to where it is in the word and everything is misaligned.  You may only see a max of 3 characters per line and see the words stretched over 5 lines. This makes it difficult to read the data / the data shows poorly. 

This happens in all browsers and all UI Themes including Phoenix.

Examples where this may be seen include:  

    • Dashboards
    • Portlets (examples below):
      • Requisitions
      • Resource Planning portlets such as Workloads 
    • Cost Plans
    • Aggregated Tiles (Totals lines)
    • List views / grid in Classic (Including Status Reports object)
    • Large String fields are clipping in Classic UI portlets/list pages 

Steps to Reproduce: 

Use Case #1: Project List page  

  1. Log in to the Classic UI
  2. Go to Home>>Portfolio Management>>Projects
  3. Configure the Project list view to have around 10 columns, including Department and Manager

Expected Results: When there is an example text of 'Shared Services' it should split the text where there is a space, not in the middle of a word. 

Actual Results: When there is an example text of 'Shared Services' it is making the wrap in the middle of the word 'Services'; something like 'Shared Ser (wrap here) vices'

Use Case #2: Aggregation rows  

  1. Go to one of the Resource Planning portlets
  2. Select any portlet that has Aggregation set on it
  3. Ensure the first column displayed is a virtual image
  4. Look at the Word Wrapping of the Aggregation row 

Expected Results: Below is a screenshot of how the 'Total Allocation' text in the Aggregation Row at the bottom of the grid looks prior to 15.9.3. 


Actual Results: In 15.9.3, below is an example where the Word Wrapping happens in the Aggregation Row at the bottom of the grid. 





Use Case #1 - No Workaround. 

Use Case #2 - Modify the layout of the portlet, so the first column is not a virtual image. 



Release : 15.9.3 

Component : Clarity Studio 


  • Fixed in Release 16.0.0
  • Fixed in Release 15.9.3 Patch #1 ( 

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