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Column Width/Word Wrapping is not working correctly in 15.9.3, the alignment is off. When the entire word does not fit, it starts the next line without regard to where it is in the word and everything is misaligned.  You may only see a max of 3 characters per line and see the words stretched over 5 lines. This makes it difficult to read the data / the data shows poorly. 

This happens in all browsers and all UI Themes including Phoenix.

Examples where this may be seen include:

  • Dashboards
  • Portets - including Requisitions / Resources
  • Cost Plans
  • Aggregated Tiles


  1. Log in to the Classic UI for Clarity
  2. Go to Home>>Portfolio Management>>Projects
  3. Configure the Project list view to have around 10 columns, including Department and Manager

Expected Results: Word Wrap should not split words

Actual Results: Department shows Shared Serv / (next Line) ces




Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity Studio


This is fixed in 16.0 and also in (15.9.3 patch 1)

Additional Information

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