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AIOps - High elasticsearch nodes requirement (> 10 elastic nodes). Is this correct?


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DX Operational Intelligence DX Application Performance Management CA App Experience Analytics


We are trying to estimate the amount of ElasticSearch nodes requirements

Here are details of the setup and usage:

- We are planning to use APM, AXA and OI

- 1.600.000 device (as session) however we estimate only a %10 of  real and continuous activity so we set 160.000 Axa sessions

-  200 APM agents


Broadcom internal AIOps Sizing calculator ( tell us that we need 12 x HOT elastic nodes + 1 x WARM elastic node

Is this correct?


DX Operational Intelligence 20.x
DX Application Performance Management 20.x
DX AXA 20.x


Using DX Platform installer you can install a maximum of 3 ElasticSearch (ES)nodes and that should be good enough for DX OI in almost all cases.

More than 3 ES nodes can be needed for sizing reasons if the elasticsearch data volume is high, for example AXA stores most of its data in Elasticsearch so requires a large footprint.

Based on the above use input, the calculation of 40 App instances and 13 ES HOT nodes is correct.

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