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How to change the default SSH port for CCS Unix agent-less data collection.


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You would like to run data collection on Unix target assets using CCS in agent-less mode.

However, data collection fails with error: "Network error: connection refused"


In agent-less mode, CCS uses SSH connection on port 22 to connect to target assets. 

The assets in the environment are configured to use a different, custom port, in this case 2284. 


CCS 12.x, agent-less data collection from Unix-based target assets.


The SSH port used by CCS data collector can be modified via CCS Console under Asset-type Properties of the given asset.

In CCS Console, navigate to Asset System View, locate the asset and click on its name.

Change "SSH Port No" to the desired value. 

Please remember to click the 'Save' button after making the change.

Once completed, the CCS Manager data collector will attempt connections to the target machine using the new port.