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Allocation Cost is equal to Allocation Hours in Projects


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There are two attributes - Allocation Cost and Allocation, in the Team tab of Projects. When we use either the "Update Cost Totals" action that is present in the Team tab, or run the "Update Earned Value and Cost Totals" job against specific projects, we notice that Allocation Cost displays the same value as Allocation. Why does this happen?


This can happen if the Rate Matrix is not setup properly and if there are no matching rows in the matrix for the Team members within the Project


Version: 15.9.2


1. Make sure that the Rate Matrix defines all the appropriate combinations of rows. Also define a default row if required

2. The Rate Matrix job needs to be run with only the following parameters selected. Run this during non-peak, off-business hours since this job can be resource intensive depending on the amount of data being processed:
"Prepare Rate Matrix Data"
"Update Rate Matrix Data"

Before running the job, refer to the technical documentation for knowledge and recommendations.

3. Define default values for the following sections in Administration -> Setup -> Entities -> {Specific Entity} -> Properties tab:
   a. Labor Rate and Cost Defaults
   b. Material Rate Defaults
   c. Equipment Rate Defaults
   d. Expense Rate Defaults


Link to an appropriate Rate Matrix in the Financial Summary page of the Project, for all the various types of resources.