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Microsoft Security Patch Update Release


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CA Spectrum


Microsoft Security Patches Update Release for August 2021

Please confirm the following patches are compatible with 10.4.X versions.

1. Windows Server 2012 R2 : 5005043 ( Patch KB no )

2. Windows Server 2016 : 5005076 ( Patch KB no )


Broadcom doesn't certify Operating System Level Patches.




Release : 10.4.x 20.2.x 21.2.x

Component : SPCCRT : Spectrum Certification


Broadcom will certify the product with Operating System Versions (Ex: Windows 2016, RHEL 7.x) not at patch level.

Patches need to be tested in Test Environment before applying on to the Production Environment.

Take necessary backups

SSdb backup


How to backup the the Archive Manager (DDM) database


How to Backup and Restore CA Spectrum Reporting Manager Database .


What is the best practice to make a complete backup copy of SPECTRUM?


Backup custom folder

%SPECROOT%\custom from each box in your environment.


Gracefully shutdown the services before Upgrading or rebooting the server.

Now you can apply the patches

Start the services.