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Curl Command to download Quova Data


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CA Risk Authentication


Customers can download the Quova data files using a CURL command. This document shares that CURL command.



Customer's CURL command does not download the correct Quova data file.  Customer use the CURL command that is not correct.

curl -k -v  -o anonymizers.dat.gz -u YOUREMAIL:YOURPASSWORD

The result of this command leads to small corrupt /anonymizers.dat.gz. The corrupted file cannot be unzipped.


Release : 9.1

Component : RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


The correct format of the CURL command is as follows:

curl -k -v  -o anonymizers.dat.gz -u YOUREMAIL:YOURPASSWORD



Additional Information

Kindly also refer to this advisory -  (Announcement of change of URL to download Quova Data)

Using this new URL you should see the files as in screen shot below  -

When an incorrect URL is used  note then only 140 bytes of data is transferred and the zip file that is downloaded is corrupted.