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Container Gateway: Connection issues with Policy Manager


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CA API Gateway


We are working to setup environment with container gateway and having issue to connect from policy manager with below details.

  • Our pods are up and running on EKS cluster

  • Trying to connect from policy manager using the external ip 
  • Having below issue: i was able to connect but failed with same timeout issue immediately.

  • Logs from pods

{"package":"com.l7tech.server.admin.AdminSessionManager","level":"WARNING","log":{"client-ip":"","message":"Admin session/cookie not found: \u003cnot shown\u003e.","listen-port":"Default HTTPS (8443)"},"time":"2021-07-30T20:17:55.002+0000"}


Gateway in Microsoft azure environment as a container (cloud/.elK) deployment with multiple gateway pods PODS 

Problem Policy manager(PM) access:  When authentication occurs it’s request is processed by one POD then goes to the next POD.  In this flow the session for PM is not known.  Results:   “Gateway Inactivity session timeout has been reached”

This type of deployment is not tested/certified, however we do provide best effort



Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY



For the load balancer to handle the sticky session probably needs to add the following, so it will always route traffic from a particular IP to a pod.

 sessionAffinity: ClientIP



      timeoutSeconds: 10800