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Unable to select Metric when configuring a DX NetOps Report


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


When setting up a View on a Dashboard Report in DX NetOps Performance Management Portal web UI, a Metric is not shown for selection.

The devices involved show support for multiple Vendor Certification (VC) entries from the same Metric Family (MF) through Vendor Certification Priority Grouping.

For example the Interface Metric Family is showing twice for the device in it's Polled Metric Families tab, showing support for two different Vendor Certifications.

When looking for a Metric in one, but not the other VC from the Interface MF, it's not shown for selection. All Metrics from both VCs should be listed for selection.


A code defect being address in defect DE488385.


All supported releases of DX NetOps Performance Management r20.2.1 through r21.2.6.


Resolved in r21.2.7 via defect DE488385. Upgrade to r21.27 or newer releases for a permanent fix.

A workaround to resolve the issue is available. There is no expected performance impact to making this change. The changes will be in the Portal web UI where we'll see:

  • Metrics for selection that may have no data
  • All Metric Families and Metrics, even if the VC's supported by the Item don't support them.

To make the change run the following MySql statement (default paths used) on the CLI of the Portal host. Enter password when prompted.

  • /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql -uroot -p -e "replace into netqosportal.general values ('RIBModel.MetricMonitoredFiltering', 'false');"

After the change is made close/relaunch any open web browsers with open Portal logins to refresh them.

After the refresh when back in the View edit screen the previously missing metric should be available for selection.