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GatewayMigrationUtility Error


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CA API Gateway


Every day a deploy will be made where an export will be imported using the GatewayMigrationUtility.

IN the  GMU log we get the following error:

WARNING: Error executing command
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Migrate in failed: Conflict
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

<l7:Property key="ErrorMessage">
<l7:StringValue>Error attempting to save or update the EncapsulatedAssertionConfig with id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf'.  Message: Object of class [com.l7tech.objectmodel.encass.EncapsulatedAssertionConfig] with identifier [243d974dc176b6efb2a8d9de0df00d4f]: optimistic locking failed; nested exception is org.hibernate. StaleObjectStateException: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or unsaved-value mapping was incorrect):


Release : 10.0

Component :


It looks in the GMU logs there are two migrations in a short timeframe , Which seems to conflict and cause the above error  .

Make sure only one migration is active at the same time or make sure they do not both touch the same objects in the database.